29 November 2012

♥ KNK Anniversary ♥


2 years ago...Miss them sooo muchhhh...the best friend, the best partners, not stingy sifu (very good teacher) that i found and ever. Even im the only one malay at this company, but they treat me very well and do not stay away form me. Hopefully my currently company have this type of friends (i means no politic, hypocrite, selfish and all the negative cass ).

1st anniversary KNK CONSULT

Our team, from left my best sister Eileen, me, Mr Hong (infornt me), Mr Tang (the best sifu,beside me), Mr Khoay (infront mr tang), Mr Kuang (beside mr khoay), Mr Douglas (adik beside mr tang)

  ♥ Princess and Prince Story ♥
 ♥ Kalau anda suka boleh ♥

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